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Waterfall (2006)

Written, produced and directed by Jon Rosling. Starring Steven Coward, Liam Senior, Hannah Johnson, Connor Atkins, Jessica Atkin, James Carr. Music by The Who, Mud, T-Rex, Chris Farlowe and Kate Rusby. Original soundtrack by Chris Baum.

In a small Yorkshire mining village in 1973, a group of friends go in search of the treasure of legendary highwayman Bill Baggis. They set out on an overnight trek that turns into a voyage of self discovery, where each of them must face challenges and grow into the heroes they aspire to be. When they encounter the village’s teenage bullies, intent on revenge for a practical joke, they must discover a strength and bond they never knew they had.
WATERFALL was a small, independent film made in 2006 as part of an educational project for Gifted and Talented pupils in Rotherham called dothebiz@maltby.
The film was shown at a special premiere in Rotherham, and was screened at Sheffield Showroom cinemas in the late Spring. It received a deluge of press interest in the local media and ITV regional news showed a special report on the film ahead of it’s release.
The final DVD of the film was remastered with additional footage and released in a limited (cast and crew only) run in late-2007.
Unfortunately none of the footage taken or the finished film itself are available to view anymore.

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