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The Secret

The Secret (2008, remastered 2015)

Written and directed by Jon Rosling, produced by Marianna Segenhout, cinematography by Liam Sanderson. Starring Steven Coward, Emily Batchford and Nicola Haldane. Original music by Heather Fenoughty.
THE SECRET, a film about the themes of isolation and frustration, told through the experience of a teenage boy during what appears to be a normal day at school.
The film begins with the familiar and routine start of a school day – a school bus pulls up, feet march to class, books are placed on desks. For David, his late arrival distinguishes him from the others, a distinction that frustratingly continues in class as his teacher and classmates appear to ignore him.

Young Rosie offers David some clues and tells him of a secret that he must figure out for himself. She warns him of sinister others who might try to prevent him finding out. His frustrations reach boiling point before David comes face to face with his darkest imaginings. As he flees the school in fear he finally realises the true horror of the secret…

Watch THE SECRET for free on Amazon Prime.
This film has played all over the United Kingdom and has been featured at international festivals in South Africa and Europe. The image and audio was remastered in 2015 and the film is currently playing on Amazon for free for those with a Prime account.
The Secret was a 4 Star Premiere Award winner at the BIAFF Festival in 2009. Click here to read the judges comments on the film.


  1. nicholas flannery

    i am interested where will the filing take place i.e. yorkshire, london etc.

    • eyefilms2008

      The filming for The Secret was completed in March 2008. It was filmed entirely in Yorkshire.

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