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"Some Riot"

I’m really pleased to announce that I will be producing director Josuah Glenn’s film “Some Riot” later in the summer, with Eye Films providing part funding and production facilities. The film is a short film that explores the themes of life, death and acceptance and will be the first run for our new equipment.
Joshua worked as an AD on Rob Yeoman’s film “The Room”, which we shot in December and January and is hoping to study film at Warwick University later in the year. He is an incredibly talented young film-maker and I am both very pleased and very proud to be helming production on his first serious film.
The film should be is due to be released in the autumn.

The Nature of Reality

“Is all that we see or seem,
But a dream within a dream?”

So asks Edgar Allen Poe, one of my favourite writers from my younger, more maudlin days.
I’ve been reading recently about the holographic theory of the universe, that essentially the universe as we experience it in it’s 3 dimensional glory isn’t real, that it is in fact akin to a holographic projection. The theory was put forward by a number of scientists after 1982, but following an experiment by Continue reading

"Land of Dreams"

Locations set, lighting ready, cast and crew assembling. Must mean one thing – we’re about to start shooting the latest short film from Eye Films called “Land of Dreams”. It’s only a few weeks since I received the script for this from Alexander Shishkin but we’ve pulled together a top quality crew and superb actors in Mhairi Calvey and Rick Bithell to help create what will hopefully be a beautiful, visionary short film.

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