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Autumn wanderings.

Some Riot

Finished shooting Joshua Glenn’s short film “Some Riot” two weeks ago now and the first cut of this is down. It needs some work – some pick-ups and refinement but it’s coming along nicely. We’re hoping to have it finished by the end of September but in the meantime have a look at the promo poster I’ve just done for the film. Joshua is rather please with it, as am I.

It’s just a case of thinking about a strategy for festivals once the film is completed. Which leads me to…

A Sense of Disappointment

Really disappointed that Georgia’s Angel was turned down for both Encounters at Bristol and Raindance this last week; and Land of Dreams was similarly turned down for Encounters.
In fact, a little bit annoyed to be quite honest.
But reflecting on this I came to the conclusion that, really, despite all of the planning for both films, what was never taken into consideration was a promotional plan. It has just been the case that I’ve submitted the films to whichever festivals popped up in the sidebar on WithOutABox. And here is the lesson, one I often repeat at the start of the film-making cycle and one I have now officially been burned by at the end.
I have failed to make sure these films were targeted at the right places. Take Georgia’s Angel, for example. Our test audience feedback from the UK was largely successful. However, the Canadian audience were a bit more challenging, in large part because of the nature of the film and – believe it or not – the accents of the cast.
Yes, you read that correctly.
Of course, this is not something I should’ve ignored. The film appeals more to a local (i.e. UK) audience an maybe it should’ve been submitted to small festivals there first to build up a head of steam.
But what is the problem with Land of Dreams? Feedback has been universally positive for that. I think the issue here has been the lack of planning and preparation. The WOAB profile is not particularly detailed and there is nothing in the way of a plan of direction for the film at festivals.
So… that’s this week job then!

Casting Announcement

I’m really pleased to announce that we have completed the albeit brief casting for our next short film Land of Dreams.
Playing the lead role of David is actor Rick Bithell. Rick is currently touring with the Quantum Theatre group in the North West and has gathered an impressive number of short film roles this year alone.
Amy Lisa Hill, who directed Rick in the short film Kyle says “Rick is definitely a guy to look out for. I was very impressed with his determination and personal reflection on the character. He has the perfect balance of professionalism and fun on set. He is a very conscientious actor, always making sure he delivers his best performance and always did. He takes direction/constructive criticism well…I will certainly be looking to work with him again.”
Also joining the cast as David’s wife, Ruth, is actress Mhairi Calvey. Mhairi is a trained and experienced actress who graduated drama school eight months ago. She started acting when she played the Young Murron in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. Over the recent years she has worked on the BBC series Scotland on Screen with Alan Cumming and Dressed to Kilt in America with Sean Connery. She has acted in several short films and is currently playing the lead role in the feature film Any Minute Now.
Rob Yeomans joins as producer, following on the same role he helmed on Georgia’s Angel last year. Additionally, Nigel McEnaney joins the production team as Assistant Director and Vish Vishvanath as Director of Photography.
Land of Dreams is to be shot in Rotherham on 28th May and is schedule for completion early this summer.

A Small Cinema – Georgia's Angel screening

I wrote a short piece for the Small Cinema screening in Rotherham later this month on the experience of cinema in Rotherham and more generally, and posted it on this blog sometime ago.
My own short film Georgia’s Angel will have it’s British Premiere at the Small Cinema mini-festival on Friday April 21st, heading the bill of short films that evening. I’ll be there and will be around to discuss the film and film-making in general, as well as to get to know and network with any other artists living and working in the region. Come and say hello on the evening, but before that check out the Small Cinema website with all the details about that evening and the other films showing there.

Georgia's Angel – original soundtrack

Thought I’d share Dave Walker’s brilliant soundtrack to Georgia’s Angel with you.
Quite a difficult one this – with The Secret I was pretty clear that I wanted a musical piece that echoed Any Other Name from American Beauty and have overtones of Ludovic Einaudi.
But going into Georgia’s Angel I really had no idea what I wanted. I knew it needed to be more melodic and had to be quite uplifting. I’d been listening to alot of Johann Johannsson recently and was thinking along those lines, but really I ended up leaving the score to Dave’s abilities.
Hope you like it.
[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]

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