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Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

After months of working on ideas for this feature film I’ve finally found the time this week to set things in motion. We’re looking for an experienced producer for our film, someone who can bring the right degree of fund raising capability, contacts and management skills to our low budget indie feature.
“Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” is the story of a young boy’s struggle with life, loss and his search for hope and acceptance. I’ve been talking to two actresses about this script for some time now. Mhairi Calvey, who played Ruth in my own short film “Land of Dreams” and who has just finished work on Pete Goddard’s feature “Any Minute Now”, has been lined up in the title role for some time and has been a great asset in developing her character. She’s become a really good friend too and we’re both enthusiastic to work together on this this summer. We’ll be doing the SlamDunk Cinema Show on January 28th to begin promotion of this film too.
Another actress I’ve been speaking to is Sarah Allen. Currently a student at UCLAN studying drama I got talking to Sarah at the end of last summer. She showed an immense enthusiasm for the story and has demonstrate a capability and commitment that has won her a key role in the film.
I’m hoping to audition for the lead role of 16 year old  Kasper in the next few weeks, as well as prepare some video diaries and stuff to promote the fund raising and general publicity for the film. With any luck I should have a producer by then who can take that stuff off my hands!

Death and All His Friends

Blimey, what a year 2011 was. We lost Tracey’s dad to cancer in April. We lost Grandad Fred’s companion Joan in August. We lost my Aunt Wil in September (cancer again) and Tracey’s Uncle Ian in November.
I was looking forwards to the New Year when word got to me via the social network that an old friend of mine, Trevor Hinchcliffe, had also joined the ranks of those who left us in 2011. Although I’ve not seen Trevor since I was at school myself – some 20 years ago, near enough – I do have some very distinctive memories of growing up together, mostly from our time in the same class at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School. In fact, I’m just remembering a photograph I have somewhere, probably at my parents house now, of Trev when we went to Habershon House at Filey in the junior school. We were 11 years old and the picture shows Trev and Steve Denton holding a dead fsh they found on the beach at Scarborough. Things you do as kids! Will have to see if that picture is still around somewhere.
He was a good lad, and I hear he was a good man too. Rest in peace, old friend.
In fact, rest in peace all of those whole left us last year.

Some Riot

Back in the dim and distant past I had the opportunity to do a little bit of mentoring with an A-level student from Wickersley Sixth Form called Joshua Glenn. He stood out as a really capable and talented student, moreso in film about which he was incredibly passionate. He’d already taken to making mini-trailers and movies for his school and in 2010 he created short film called “Some Riot” about a man trapped in limbo between life and death who had to accept his fate and go with Death into the underworld.
Not a cheery topic to be sure, but his initial film showed a good degree of talent. It had Bergman-esque themes and style and although it was technically lacking it had a vast amount of potential. I suggested at the time that he remake the film for Eye Films but it wasn’t until the late Spring of this year that we actually set the wheels in motion.
We both spent a lot of time thinking about the subtler meanings, sign and symbols in the film – the representation of the Underworld as a lake of water for example, or a butterfly as the spirit and soul of the dying man. Joshua did quite a bit of reading and research into ancient myths to help him refine and develop his ideas further, add a bit of polish to them as it were. I suggested various things that lended themselves to strong visuals- Death standing on the water, for example – and he took these ideas with aplomb.
The resulting film is visually gorgeous. Stunning cinematography by Vish Vishvanath and fabulous sound design and score by Dave Walker (yet again he pulls out all the stops and delivers 100%+) along with a perfect performance by Liam Rooke has created a film that I’m proud to be associated with.
“Some Riot” is a somewhat arty and experimental film. It’s what I’d regard as “pure film” – communicating meaning and ideas in purely visual terms – and on that level, as on many, I think it is spot on. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because it’s not a linear storytelling narrative as most people are used to, but I feel really passionately that there is a place for it and I’m in really pleased with the end result. Hope you like it too.

"Land of Dreams"

Locations set, lighting ready, cast and crew assembling. Must mean one thing – we’re about to start shooting the latest short film from Eye Films called “Land of Dreams”. It’s only a few weeks since I received the script for this from Alexander Shishkin but we’ve pulled together a top quality crew and superb actors in Mhairi Calvey and Rick Bithell to help create what will hopefully be a beautiful, visionary short film.

Casting Announcement

I’m really pleased to announce that we have completed the albeit brief casting for our next short film Land of Dreams.
Playing the lead role of David is actor Rick Bithell. Rick is currently touring with the Quantum Theatre group in the North West and has gathered an impressive number of short film roles this year alone.
Amy Lisa Hill, who directed Rick in the short film Kyle says “Rick is definitely a guy to look out for. I was very impressed with his determination and personal reflection on the character. He has the perfect balance of professionalism and fun on set. He is a very conscientious actor, always making sure he delivers his best performance and always did. He takes direction/constructive criticism well…I will certainly be looking to work with him again.”
Also joining the cast as David’s wife, Ruth, is actress Mhairi Calvey. Mhairi is a trained and experienced actress who graduated drama school eight months ago. She started acting when she played the Young Murron in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. Over the recent years she has worked on the BBC series Scotland on Screen with Alan Cumming and Dressed to Kilt in America with Sean Connery. She has acted in several short films and is currently playing the lead role in the feature film Any Minute Now.
Rob Yeomans joins as producer, following on the same role he helmed on Georgia’s Angel last year. Additionally, Nigel McEnaney joins the production team as Assistant Director and Vish Vishvanath as Director of Photography.
Land of Dreams is to be shot in Rotherham on 28th May and is schedule for completion early this summer.

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