Some Riot (2011)

Directed by Joshua Glenn, produced by Jon Rosling, cinematography by Vish Vishvanath, executive producers Joshua Glenn & Jon Rosling, written by Joshua Glenn. 1st Assistant Director Adam Green, make up artist Jolene Beatson, camera assistant Seb Roberts, CG animation Sam Prebble, runner Fay Hamilton. Starring Liam Rooke. Original soundtrack by Dave Walker.
A man caught by his own emotional weakness in the limbo between life and death must find acceptance in himself and follow the eerie calm and reassurance of The Voice into the eternal lake of Death.
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Directed by first time director Joshua Glenn and produced by Eye Films “Some Riot” is a short experimental film about what lies in the middle place between life and death and about accepting the inevitable.
Featuring camera work by Vish Vishvanath and CG by Sam Prebble from WETA in New Zealand.