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Land of Dreams

Land of Dreams (2011)

Directed by Jon Rosling, produced by Rob Yeomans, cinematography by Vish Vishvanath, executive producer Larry Anderson, written by Aleksander Novosad. 1st Assistant Director Louise Johnson, make up artist Hannah Lomas, art director Vicky Curran. Starring Rick Bithell and Mhairi Calvey. Original soundtrack by Dave Walker.
David dreams of a new life, of a greater spirituality, of a break with his modern existence. He must leave behind the empty materialism of his life and seek a greater connection with the earth on which he lives.
Watch LAND OF DREAMS for free on Amazon Prime.
Ruth and David, the characters from Land of Dreams re-emerged in a new setting in my debut feature film FIVE PILLARS.

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  1. Bethany Thomas

    Brilliant 🙂 well done to everyone who was involved truly amazing.

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