Celebrate? (2007)

Written, produced and directed by Jon Rosling. Camera work by James Woodcock. Starring Jon Rosling, Tracey Rosling and Nathalie Rosling.
This was my very first short film and my submission for the Orange BAFTA Sixty Seconds of Fame Competition at the 2007 BATFAs Ceremony. It went on to become a regional finalist, coming second in the Yorkshire and Humberside region.
The film itself was made using an ordinary DV camera with non-diegetic sound and music dubbed over later. The film was shot, edited and rendered entirely in 24 hours between 30th and 31st December 2006.
Financial woe, bills, seasonal excess … what is there to celebrate at Christmas? The answer is closer to home than you might think.
CELEBRATE? is no longer available to view.