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St Leonard’s Church, Thrybergh

St Leonard's Church, ThryberghTucked away from the main road down a narrow lane is St Leonard’s Church in Thrybergh, South Yorkshire. When I visited it was mid-February 2017 and the air added a dampness that seemed reflected in the dark stone and gloom of the church, though it was off-set somewhat by the pretty little flowers that were growing in and around the cemetery, snowdrops for the most part. 

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Medieval Stone Cross at St Leonard’s, Thrybergh

Medieval stone cross, ThryberghI’ve been intrigued by this medieval monument for a few years and managed to get some decent pictures of it whilst photographing St Leonard’s Church in February of 2017. Despite it’s worn and torn look it’s quite fascinating in it’s own right.

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The Sleep of Reason

Holocaust Book CoverLast year I published my first book, THE SLEEP OF REASON: Modernisation, Intention and Nazi Race Policy.

Admittedly the title is not one to leap off of the shelves at Waterstones and it’s more of a thought piece and academic text than coffee table fare as it looks at the development of racial policy in Nazi Germany after the National Socialists took power 1933. Clearly it’s something for niche historians and students of the Holocaust and the period generally.

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