Georgia’s Angel (2010)

Written and directed by Jon Rosling, produced by Rob Yeomans, associate producer Larry Anderson, cinematography by Liam Sanderson. Starring Sophie Platts, Wayne Russell and Liam Senior. Original soundtrack by Dave Walker.
GEORGIA’S ANGEL is a short film on the themes of choice and destiny.
Facing a turbulent time at home, fifteen year old Georgia leaves to seek a better life without really knowing where to go or what to do. She wanders the streets of her city and finds herself at the railway station late one night and in the company of two opposing personalities – a dark and mysteriously alluring figure who beckons her to the shadows with a promise of a good time; and an angelic grandfatherly gentleman, who’s tells her how the choices he made as a young man have dominated his life.
Eventually it takes a little bit of magic to help Georgia make the right choice…
Watch GEORGIA’S ANGEL for free on Amazon Prime.
This film has been made with the generous support of LIAP Media Inc. and is currently in the final stages of post-production.
You can watch a short clip shot on the first night of filming below: