Five Pillars (2013)

Written and directed by Jon Rosling. Starring Tom Bott, Aaron Jeffcoate, George Newton, Adam Probets and Mhairi Calvey. Produced by Rob Yeomans. Original soundtrack by Dave Walker.
five-pillars-600Described as “THIS IS ENGLAND for an austerity generation” FIVE PILLARS tells the story of soldier Darren as he returns to a country that has lost it’s identity. Friends have changed and his ex-girlfriend has grown distant. Darren’s only connection seems to be his estranged grandfather, a man who harbours a dark past, which bubbles to the surface when Sophie is propositioned by a young Asian boy.
FIVE PILLARS is my debut feature film and originated as a work in progress novel in 1991 before I adapted the idea into a series of short films and then a feature film.
Shot entirely on location at various places in South Yorkshire it provides a snapshot of life in England in the early 2010s, as told through the lives of a group of differing individuals.
The film is available to watch on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video and you can also order a region free DVD of the movie from this link.
The film’s official website, where you can find out more about the cast and crew as well as watch clips from the film, is here. There’s also a 20 minute short video about the making of FIVE PILLARS below.