Steelos: Songs of Steel (2010)

Produced and directed by Jon Rosling on behalf of Rotherham Community Arts
The Steelos Project was a community arts-based project in Rotherham that took place between 2009 and 2010. It followed the sudden decline of steel making in the town since the late 1970s and features interviews and recounts of those men and women who worked in the industry during the boom years.
The documentary also charts the success of an arts-based project in Rotherham that used the accounts of these people as inspiration for poetry and music. Unfortunately the website set up as part of the project has not been maintained, largely because Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council decided to abolish it’s funded arts programmes a number of years ago.
The work undertaken to preserve the cultural history of the town has, as a result, fallen by the wayside.
Nevertheless below is an extract from the documentary I managed to retain, reminiscences of steel making in the town featuring former steel worker Ted Thompson.