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Special event for film makers, digital artists and composers

Showroom Cinema 5, Sheffield.
Ever wanted to write music for film? Ever wanted brand new music for your film? This is the event for you. At Showroom 5 you will have the opportunity to share your work and talk to film makers and composers, exchange ideas and make contacts that lead to creative outputs.
13:30 Registration
14:00 Free drink and biscuits
14:30 Guest speakers (Heather Fenoughty:
15:00 Open Communication
16:00 Screenings and listenings
16:40 Coffee
Important links:
South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network (
For more details see
Register free by emailing 
Call the SYFN on 0114 276 2400 or Adrian Moore on 0114 222 0486 for more information. 

Road To Nowhere – a music video

Doing a music video is something I’ve considered doing before. Sheffield band A Season of Secrets had wanted a video doing for their early single Coffee Girls, back when they were still known as Little Secrets. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my backside into gear, their line up changed and I really lost the first hand contact I had with the band so said music video never happened.
I wrote previously about the strange workflow of preparing for a music video. Phil’s song was not necessarily a narrative that I could map images and visuals to so I shopped around a bit with existing videos in the same style of music and after song discussion with Phil we agreed a general look and feel for it. It was a case of story-boarding for individual shots and short sequences rather than a through,  linear narrative; and then a case of getting the coverage out on the shoot.
Not all music videos have to be like that though. I supposed creating a video for something like Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys, or Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses would be more like making an accompanying short film – that straight story-telling approach mixed with added creativity to present the band or artist.
This video was also the first professional piece I’d done using the HD capabilities of a DSLR camera too. Land of Dreams cinematography had convinced me of the ease and efficiency of DSLR shooting over conventional tape and so this was done using the Canon 550D. The post work-flow was easier too – no waiting for tape to transfer, just plug the SDHC card into the front of the editing suite et voila!
Anyway – here it is, my very first attempt at a professional music video. Enjoy!
P.S: It was shot in the Derbyshire Peak District before anyone asks… 🙂

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