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Is Deep Nostalgia Really Like Bringing Back The Dead?

Deep Nostalgia My Heritage logoI stumbled across the #deepnostalgia hashtag on Twitter this morning and was instantly curious, so went to take a look at what it was all about. Deep Nostalgia is offered by the online genealogy website MyHeritage, and uses Artificial Intelligence licensed from D-ID to create the effect that a still photo is actually moving.

But Deep Nostalgia can take photos from any camera and seemingly bring them to life.

The program has a store of pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and it takes uploaded photographs and applies the one that works best for Continue reading

THE DIG on Netflix


THE DIG movie posterMuch publicised over the last few weeks has been Netflix’s original movie offering, THE DIG, based on the John Preston novel of the same name. The Dig stars Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes and tells the story of the discovery of a burial ship, probably that of King Raedweld of the Anglo Saxons,  in the mounds of Sutton Hoo during 1938 and 1939.

The real dig itself was massively important in the history of archaeology in the UK and globally. It shed a light on a period about which there was little known and was key in establishing the history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia and the early Anglo-Saxon period. It also uncovered some stunning examples of Anglo-Saxon metal work, most of which are Continue reading

Late Night Creative.

An interesting day today – well, yesterday actually given that it’s now ten past one in the morning and I find myself typing an entry to a blog that, like my script writing, has suffered from some serious creative drought in the past few months.
Creative droughts like these are not good. I think I exhausted my ability to write and think coherently in the late winter and early Spring working on the early draft of “How To Fly A Kite” (final draft still a work in progress, and to be fair, on hold for the moment).
Even though “In England” is a totally different style and tone and subject to “HTFAK” (work out your own amusing definitions for that acronym – I’ve managed “How To Fuck A Koala” and “Happy Times, Farts and Karts”) it’s still fallen victim to my inability to string scenes together into a meaningful narrative. Part of the difficulty is that the film is a multi-layered story with several characters having lives of great import and meaning and depth away from the main plot. Working these out and trying to weave the strands together has been… well, a bastard.
But having said that I’ve been struck by a sledgehammer of artistic and creative frenzy today. Perhaps it’s the looming shadow of my producer the mighty Rob Yeomans hanging over me and wanting something – anything – to plan a budget from. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have some copy-writing blogs to write – you know, the actual PAID WORK bit to life – for midday tomorrow.
Whatever it is it’s given me a break in the story, particularly with a character who was a supporting character but now looks like becoming the main man. I’ve also had a insight into an idea for a short, maybe after “In England” is done. Something a bit different, esoteric and hugely personal.
Where the hell does the rain come from after months of drought?

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