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Month: June 2023

Earl Grey’s Tower, Stanton Moor



Earl Grey's Tower

A view of the tower.

Earl Grey’s Tower, also known as the Reform Tower, stand on the edge of Stanton Moor in Derbyshire was built as a monument to the 1832 Reform Act. I passed it on my second history hike on Sunday, completely unexpected and somewhat awe inspiring given it’s history.

The tower was built by the Thornhill family to commemorate Early Grey, a Whig Prime Minister who supported the passing of Great Reform Bill of 1832, thus creating an “Act to amend the representation of the people in England and Wales”.

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Padley Hall


Ruins of Padley HallAmidst the rolling hills and occasional leafy glades of the Peak District I came across Padley Hall, a once great Elizabethan manor house, now nothing more than the foundations of it’s stone walls, ruined and broken.

But these stones have the history of Padley written into them – an altar stone hidden for three hundred and fifty years, the hearth stones of a great fireplace, the steps, the foundations.

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