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A Rosling Family History Anniversary … of Sorts



Rosling is not an uncommon name where I find myself writing this blog and Lincolnshire is a place my own little Rosling clan visit as a family often. It’s also somewhere that my own family hails from in the dim and distant past. While I’ve been aware of this association in my family history since I first started researching it in 2001, it was only last year that I actually found myself with the time to spare and in the right place to be able to visit the church at Tallington, where the earliest record of my direct line comes from.

Font in monochrome

And while looking through some of my research this morning I discovered that it’s 356 years ago today that my 8th great uncle – also called John Rosling – was christened at St Lawrence of Rome’s church at Tallington. Quite strange to imagine my ancestors, Hugh and Anne Rosling, standing at the 13th century font pictured here and celebrating the christening of their eldest son.

Actually this is not strictly true.

England was still using the Julian calendar in 1663 and would not convert to the (present) Gregorian calendar until 1752 so the dates do not tally precisely. Therefore, the proper anniversary, in the new calendar would be on May 6th.

However, the April 26th date makes for a nice coincidence this morning!

Incidentally, this is not the first name in my family history to occur in the annals of Tallington’s history. The furthest back I have gone is the marriage of Thomas Rosling to Dorothie Gibbons in early November 1600 and no doubt his son, Hugh, was christened and married there also. I wonder if there is a history further back  in time with the church but it’s hard to determine as the records draw a blank before about 1600.

Certainly, the family were resident in the general area in an around Tallington – there are records of later Roslings, descendants of Thomas, resident and worshiping in Bourne and Corby, which are not too far away.

I’ve quite a few photographs of St Lawrence’s at Tallington as well as some aerial footage I took with a drone but I’ve done little research into the church’s history as yet. No doubt I’ll revisit sometime this summer and post will follow. 



  1. Kirstie Ford

    Hi I came across this site when researching about my rosling family. Ann rosling who married William Atton is my 6th great grandmother. I’ve managed to go back as far as thomas rosling and Dorothie gibbons who would be my 10th great grandparents.
    I am interested in learning more about my rosling family line.
    I am currently trying to research about the rosling line and where they came from.

    • kubrickslenscap

      Hello there! Thanks for your post Kirstie – Ann Atton (nee Rosling) would be my 5th great aunt. Her brother Richard, who was born in 1755, is my 5th great gradnfather. To be fair, I’ve focussed pretty much on the direct male line through my Rosling family and have what I’m 95% sure is a full tree branching back to Thomas Rosling and Dorothie Gibbons, who were born in the 16th century. The only uncertainty I have is around Thomas and Dorothie’s children – I think there’s a generation missing in the data directly above them.

      I keep getting suggestions for Thomas’ parents too. While it would be nice to take one step further back in time, the family suggested were pretty far north of all of the other Rosling’s in the Tallington/Bourne/Market Deeping area and only for one generation. It’s far more likely they’re a separate branch – though that’s not to say’s there isn’t a connection somewhere along the lines between the two. I may go back to the parish records at some point.

      If you like, I can drop you an email if you’d like to keep in touch or know more.

      • Kirstie ford

        That would be amazing. I hope I have got the rosling tree correct. It would be nice to know more about the family and where my 6th great grandmother Ann would have lived with her siblings.

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