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Month: July 2011

Promo poster for "Some Riot"

Quite a busy time of late working on the corporate side of things, and also in pre-production on Joshua Glenn’s film Some Riot. Hopefully I’ll get chance to do a proper soon but in the meantime here’s the promotional poster we’ve got for the film. Crisp, clean, loving the negative space in the top half of the picture; and the tag-line alludes to an Continue reading

Upcoming radio dates

To promote both Land of Dreams and Georgia’s Angel I am being interviewed on a couple of radio shows over the next few weeks. After popping my radio cherry with Dom Robinson’s DVDFever show on Manchester FM last week I should hopefully be getting into the rhythm of things now!
First up is an interview on Radio Sheffield, this Monday 18th July at around 3pm. Second one is August 6th and I don’t quite know the time yet. All I do know is that I’ll be Van Connor’s very first guest on Sheffield FM – a great honour, for me, not him.
Well… 😉

"Some Riot"

I’m really pleased to announce that I will be producing director Josuah Glenn’s film “Some Riot” later in the summer, with Eye Films providing part funding and production facilities. The film is a short film that explores the themes of life, death and acceptance and will be the first run for our new equipment.
Joshua worked as an AD on Rob Yeoman’s film “The Room”, which we shot in December and January and is hoping to study film at Warwick University later in the year. He is an incredibly talented young film-maker and I am both very pleased and very proud to be helming production on his first serious film.
The film should be is due to be released in the autumn.

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