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Month: May 2011

"Land of Dreams"

Locations set, lighting ready, cast and crew assembling. Must mean one thing – we’re about to start shooting the latest short film from Eye Films called “Land of Dreams”. It’s only a few weeks since I received the script for this from Alexander Shishkin but we’ve pulled together a top quality crew and superb actors in Mhairi Calvey and Rick Bithell to help create what will hopefully be a beautiful, visionary short film.

Casting Announcement

I’m really pleased to announce that we have completed the albeit brief casting for our next short film Land of Dreams.
Playing the lead role of David is actor Rick Bithell. Rick is currently touring with the Quantum Theatre group in the North West and has gathered an impressive number of short film roles this year alone.
Amy Lisa Hill, who directed Rick in the short film Kyle says “Rick is definitely a guy to look out for. I was very impressed with his determination and personal reflection on the character. He has the perfect balance of professionalism and fun on set. He is a very conscientious actor, always making sure he delivers his best performance and always did. He takes direction/constructive criticism well…I will certainly be looking to work with him again.”
Also joining the cast as David’s wife, Ruth, is actress Mhairi Calvey. Mhairi is a trained and experienced actress who graduated drama school eight months ago. She started acting when she played the Young Murron in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart. Over the recent years she has worked on the BBC series Scotland on Screen with Alan Cumming and Dressed to Kilt in America with Sean Connery. She has acted in several short films and is currently playing the lead role in the feature film Any Minute Now.
Rob Yeomans joins as producer, following on the same role he helmed on Georgia’s Angel last year. Additionally, Nigel McEnaney joins the production team as Assistant Director and Vish Vishvanath as Director of Photography.
Land of Dreams is to be shot in Rotherham on 28th May and is schedule for completion early this summer.

The Prisoner – a short film

Now, occasionally, VERY occasionally I might put a short film on this blog which has really wowed me. I saw this one this morning, shared on someone’s Facebook page and it really impressed me. Shot on the Canon 7D in just seven days, it only cost £150.
Now that’s impressive in itself, but the results are incredible. It looks fantastic and the editting generates pace and suspense reminiscent of bigger budget blockbusters.
I suggest you take 15 minutes out, grab a cup of coffee and watch Mariusz Scislowicz’s “The Prisoner”.

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