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Month: March 2011

Georgia's Angel screening

Georgia’s Angel, my short film, is to be screened at the Old Market Gallery cinema screen in Rotherham on the evening of April 21st along with a few other short films. Peter Martin, the curator of the project, asked me to write a short piece for the event’s programme about the cinema experience and about my role as a film-maker in Rotherham.
Given that my four year old daughter had her first experience of the cinema today (Tangled, the latest Disney film) I thought it fitting to put my contribution to the programme up here…

Cinema is a shared experience – you never go to the cinema as an individual. There is the common expectation of the film you watch, the hushed silence and nervous giggles as the theatre grows dark; a glance back to see the projection booth aglow with stories to display; the rustle of sweet packets and then the booming fanfare of 20th Century Fox, or the roar of the MGM lion, or the more sedate lady with the lamp that tells you this is a Columbia Pictures presentation. Whatever it is you go to watch – Disney’s cartoons, CGI from Pixar, the latest action flick from James Cameron, science fiction from Spielberg or old classics about love that never was or stories of peace and war – it all imparts the same little bit of magic that sets the pulse racing, the imagination flowing, the heart beating a little more quickly.
The cinema experience began for me when I was just four years old, at the old Scala picture house on Corporation Street. The film was Star Wars and I had pestered my father to take me all throughout the summer of 1977 until the picture’s release in the UK around Christmas time. The experience has shaped me since – in terms of the kinds of films I then grew up watching; in terms of the desire to be in the same seat as George Lucas, directing great and inspiring stories; and in terms of appreciating just what the cinema experience is.
As a film-maker I find myself with the stories to tell and cinema with its big projection and polished sound is the best platform. Since 2008 through Eye Films I have been building a team of accomplished and experienced film-makers to share those stories with the wider world, and to develop a real team of dedicated professionals operating out of Rotherham and South Yorkshire. We have some great projects ahead and are delighted our latest short film, Georgia’s Angel, is to be shown in Rotherham, where a significant part of it was filmed.
Retelling a classic story in a modern context, Georgia’s Angel is a film about choice and destiny. A vulnerable and troubled young teen, played brilliantly by Sophie Platts, leaves home and meets a grandfatherly old man on a railway station before realising that choices have consequences and making the right one in life isn’t always easy.

Here Comes The Judge

Somewhat bizarrely I have just posted a recorded voiceover for Rob Yeomans’ The Room. We needed a respectable commanding voice to play the Judge at the beginning of the movie, so for some bizarre reason Rob thought I fitted the bill.
Commanding? Respectable? In a court room? With MY reputation?!!!
I got the DVDs of Georgia’s Angel back today too so can send these off to festivals without relying on the online screener now. Very nice they look too – thanks to Riviera Multimedia for another great job.

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