All work and no play makes Jack and dull boy.

Rule 94

Be for the glory, not the degradation

We can work for the glory of humankind or we can try to bring it crashing down into degradation.
Shakespeare is for the glory, a crack house is for the degradation.
A village fete on a warm summer’s afternoon is for the glory, stealing someone’s purse for the change is for the degradation.
And it doesn’t have to be tame; a parachute jump for charity is for the glory, pornography is for the degradation – but an erotic movie can be for the glory. Get the idea?
Anything that makes us more than we are, makes us strive for perfections, improves us, challenges us, excites us in a good way, makes us rise above our base nature and brings us out into the sunshine is for the glory.
So what shall it be? The glory or the degradation?  Well for the glory of course. The fear is that people think this is all about being good and that in itself has a bad press. All our lives we have been told that being good is a bad thing, somehow dull, for the meek and namby-pamby, the sandal wearers, the holier-than-thou brigade. Being good hasn’t got a lot going for it.
Well, being good, being for the glory can be a private thing. Not a soul has to know. Keep it quiet and you can just get on being good. Brag about it and you might be seen as a goody-goody. Interfere with others and try to make them good, you’ll a do-gooder.
Just make a decision – be for the glory. Say nothing.

With thanks to the works of Richard Templar, from whom this is adapted.


  1. interesting facts

    did you write this yourself?

  2. jonrosling

    It’s adapted from Richard Templar’s “Rules of Life”.

  3. jonrosling


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