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Month: November 2010

Headaches, progress and otherwise


I’ve been bothered by chronic and quite debilitating migraines since Sunday night last week and have spent most of the week laid down in a darkened room drinking nothing but water and eating little else but the pink and yellow migraleve tablets that cost me a fortune from the ASDA chemists. The NHS was it’s usual efficient self. I finally got over my man-fear of asking for help and rang the doctors on Wednesday only to be told to ring back Friday, which I duly did. I was then told there was a ten day waiting list (TEN DAYS!!!) for appointments. Why is there a ten day waiting list at a GPs?! Probably the peniosners collecting repeat prescriptions or heading for their flu-jabs clogging up the waiting room. Selfish of me I know, but a ten day waiting list at a local village surgery seems ridiculous.
The headaches have cleared up – well, the intensity of them has. There’s still a dull aching pain at the back of my eyes but that could be down to any number of Continue reading


Lead Actors Wanted for “The Room”

Eye Films are looking to fill key parts in Rob Yeomans’ short film The Room, shooting in December 2010. We are looking for:

  • Chris – a dark haired male, aged 17 (or can play), approximately 5’9″, a moody and rebellious teenager.
  • Jo – a dark haired female, aged 25 (or can play), approximately 5’6″, sister to the above.
  • Julian – threatening and aggressive looking dark haired  male, aged mid to late 40s (or can play), 6′ +, well built, an escaped convicted murderer.

An ability to ACT is essential in all of these roles. Please do not apply if you cannot demonstrate previous acting experience either on stage or film.
Auditions will be held on Friday 26th November 2010 in the evening; and during the day of Saturday 27th November 2010 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
Chris and Jo’s parents were murdered five years ago. Since then Jo has perfectly preserved their room as a shrine behind a locked door. However Chris has grown out of his box room and asks Jo if he can move into their parents’ room. She refuses. Furious, Chris ignores her and moves himself in whilst she is out.
Soon after he moves into the room, Chris begins to suffer from mood swings. As he falls under the malevolent presence within the room, the real cause of his parents’ death becomes clearer and Chris becomes embroiled in a battle for his life against an unseen enemy.
To express an interest in any of the above roles please email a CV with head-shot photo by clicking here. Alternatively you may email a link to your StarNow, Casting Call pro or other such on-line portfolio by clicking the same link.
Please only email once – we will contact you directly if we feel you are suitable for an audition.

"Art is never finished; only abandoned"

A little time.

Well, with a lot of things this past year they’ve taken alot of time, too much time.
Back in March we shot my short story Georgia’s Angel and that has bumped along the editting tracks now for eight months. I’m no closer to finishing it really and have yet to secure funding for the sound mix and soundtrack. The footage looks good but needs some serious grading to give it exactly the kind of mood that helps convey the story.
Grading’s become and important part of the film work I do. I know some people who regard it as changing the image for the sake of it and while that can be true in some photography, it’s rarely true in the moving image. Colour, like sound, is one of the most important and one of the most ignored aspects in film . Colour conveys mood, signals intentions, helps keep the scene dynamic even when Continue reading

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