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Month: July 2010

Summer Is Here

Having now finished the teaching work I’ve been doing since March (check out the Creative Partnerships heading here as to why) I’ve got the summer to entertain myself and spend time with the family. The past few weeks have been absolutely knackering – the new baby is up for a feed during the night, four year old is up in between those feeds wanting cuddles and attention, wife is tired and stressed and everyone seems to be making demand after demand after demand.
So – a summer “break” from my main job allows me time to focus on a few things I enjoy doing…

Short film projects The Room and The White Hare

I met with Rob Yeoman’s about The Room again last week. We originally put the shoot on hold from June because we didn’t have the time to committ to it and I plan on picking up over this next week or so. We need a house to actually shoot in and a good friend of mine, Tanya Embleton, has been helping source locations. I’ll be posting the casting calls later this week and will put details up on here so if you’re a budding thesp keep an eye out for them.
Maz, my producer on The Secret, contacted me earlier this year about a film project title The White Hare that she’d been approached to produce. Unfortunately she was too committed with other stuff to be able to but passed the director Tom Young on to me, and he asked if I’d consider it. I read the script and like the idea but the timing’s not right and we can’t make it work so that’s a project I won’t be on with this year. A shame because it’s the potential to be a really good film. Good luck to Tom and whoever he finds to produce it!

Strawberry Spring

One of the reasons for not being able to produce The White Hare is that I want to focus all of my creative attention on Strawberry Spring over the autumn and winter. The ideas are really coalescing now and I think I’ll be able to start writing this next week after doing a synopsis and some concept art-work later this week. I may even post one or two snippets of art up on here.

Steelos: The Songs of Steel Project

As part of the Steelos: Songs of Steel documentary I’m working on I filmed an ex-steelworker Ted Thompson in interview with my father last October. We spent an hour with Ted as he reminisced about his life in Rotherham and in particular his time working in the steel industry.
He first started work in the steelworks as a 15 year old lad on 4th March 1934 – over 76 years ago. It’s incredible to me to try to comprehend the lifetime that’s gone in between that date and now, and listening to him talk with such clarity of memory you get a real sense of the history that’s disappearing as these men and the industry they were part of of pass on.
Here’s a ten minute short clip I’ve thrown together of Ted talking about his early life. Enjoy.

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