People who won’t pay, broken stuff and those Blue and White Wizards

It’s been a frustrating week this week on the work front. I had so much planned to get out of the way and things ended up falling by the way side because of unreasonable circumstances. A media project I’m running in a school nearby has run into the sand and there are difficulties over getting paid. Some of the hired equipment on the Georgia’s Angel shoot was damaged and the owner (rightly) now needs it repairing. The Wednesday seem to go from pole to pole, losing (not half as bad as I thought they would) to West Brom on Tuesday night and then holding their own against Swansea yesterday afternoon.
I haven’t quite made up my mind on a season ticket for next season yet. To be honest I’ve been very hit and miss with going to games this season largely down to work. The team’s performances since September put me pretty much in the “no go” camp regarding a 2010-11 season ticket anyway. That and the fact that times are quite testing at the moment financially for a whole host of reasons.
Someone on one of the forums I frequent put a persuading case in terms of cost today though – 90p a day for the season if you buy your season ticket under one of the many schemes available. You have to have something to do other than work.


Let’s finish with a few positive notes.
Tracey grows ever larger by the day. 23 and a bit weeks pregnant now and still no sign of the sporadic sickness and illness abating. To think that we’ll have a little boy in the house, a brother for Nat, in less than four months is quite surreal!
I’ve been editing the Thank Heaven Talent Contest footage this week ready for authoring the DVD for the charity that commissioned the work. Some of the acts there were simply outstanding. I tried out the Flip Ultra HD for some cut away shots too though the 720P HD footage doesn’t really scale up very well. There’s no control over the exposure either so some of it is quite bleached out when the acts are under the spot. The footage with the Sony is quality and 95% of the acts are covered with that. Should be done this time next week.
I’ve also spent a bit of time working on Georgia’s Angel, rough cutting the opening and establishing scenes. It looks good. Still need to secure someone who can do a quality foley and sound mix though. If you know anyone point them my way.
A week since we finished the shoot now and I have uploaded a brief bit of behind the scenes video (again, shot with the Flip Ultra HD) that was taken just before we turned over on the Friday at Oakworth Railway Station. I had taken the Flip to all of the locations in the hope that people on set would take some footage with it. I know Holli took her own video camera and Rob was taking photos over the whole shoot (plus Nigel MacEnaney took some stills on the last day) but other than that no one really used the Flip, which was a shame. Anyway, here’s the clip. Not the best quality via You Tube but enjoy.