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Month: March 2010

Frustration, positivity and some video

People who won’t pay, broken stuff and those Blue and White Wizards

It’s been a frustrating week this week on the work front. I had so much planned to get out of the way and things ended up falling by the way side because of unreasonable circumstances. A media project I’m running in a school nearby has run into the sand and there are difficulties over getting paid. Some of the hired equipment on the Georgia’s Angel shoot was Continue reading

Georgia's Angel

It’s a wrap! A look back on the past few days of shooting…

Georgia’s Angel, my latest short film, wrapped Sunday afternoon after an intense couple of days filming at various locations around Yorkshire. Blimey – how tired is everybody today? I’ve spoken to a few of the crew and we’re all equally knackered but I’m looking through the rushes now and the footage is immense. Here’s a look back  the last few days and some pictures. Thanks to Nigel MacInaney for the still photos. Continue reading

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