Well, I had planned to get loads done this week and it’s been a bit of a slow one. Don’t you hate those kinds of days where you just can’t get started? Me too. In January I started using the filter and sort tools in MS Excel in a new and original way to keep myself motivated and focussed during these days in the office, but haven’t done this week. In fact I was going to make a video showing how YOU can use it too. I discovered this technique when a friend of mine demonstrated it on his blog but it really needs a vid to demonstrate it. Maybe that’s something for next week.
Meanwhile here’s a video testmonial I’ve thrown together in an hour this afternoon for
Editors’ Keys Key Stickers. I bought their key stickers for Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop when I upgraded the edit suite last month – it was a huge saving on a specialist media keyboard and I’m really impressed by how durable the stickers are, and by how they up the workflow speed and efficiency. I recommend them if you’re looking for something similar. Their website is here.

A Shot In Time

I’m cracking on with the LanceBurkitt documentary this week. That was delayed over November, December and January while the new equipment came but I’m on with it now, much to Lance’s reflief I bet. I know it’s frustrating (it is for me too) but I want to do a really great job with it, to promote Lance and also to give myself some exposure in the documentary film market. Actually you can see a bit of me editting the doc in the video testimonial above!

Georgia’s Angel

Rob Yeoman’s and I went to look at locations for Georgia’s Angel yesterday, particular the main location and he’s on with sorting that with Northern Rail. I’ve about six or seven young actresses we’re auditioning on Friday afternoon too at Sheffield Independent Film so we should have the main role cast by the end of the week. I’ll put it up on here, and next week put some of the audition footage up too.
I’m also hopeful we might have a cinematographer this time next week! More later.