Busy, busy, busy.

It’s been a while since I updated the blog – been meaning to for over a week now, but I’ve been way-laid with editting (it’s coming Lance, it’s coming!), meeting people, calling people, arranging Georgia’s Angel(more below) and doing a bit of teaching in between. Anyway, here goes…

Actors on board for Georgia’s Angel.

I’m really pleased to be working once more with two fine actors who both featured in differing roles in my first film Waterfall. First amongst these is Liam Senior who played the character of Irish Roy in Waterfall before going on to study drama and theatre at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology and then for a year at Salford University. Liam is keen to get back in front of camera and I’m delighted this project will be giving him step towards the kind of break he needs in acting.
I’m also very pleased to announce that Wayne Russell will be joining the production in the role of Clarence. Wayne provided the voice over that bookends the events in Waterfall and since then has gone on to star in a wide range of short, feature and corporate films. As well as regular appearances in the BBC’s daytime soap Doctors, Wayne played the title role of Digital Ghost’s feature The Last Days of Edgar Harding, which is due out this year; and also the role of bent copper DCI Grant in Fight Back, a feature film starring East 17’s Brian Harvey. He and US actress Jennifer Bryer have the lead roles in a full length supernatural thriller called Curio, which is due to be released shortly.
Waterfall was a film I became involved with after the shoot was complete but it has given me some of my fondest memories. For those who haven’t seen it it has all the charm of Kes but with an unexpected bonus in that the director had the courage to take on some of life’s unspeakable modern day challenges in such a non-gratuitous, subtle and skilful way you couldn’t help but feel a unique empathy with the characters.”
Speaking of his involvement with Georgia’s Angel Wayne says: “I was absolutely thrilled when Jon Rosling contacted me to play Clarence in Georgia’s Angel. Having read the script several times I am genuinely excited at the prospect of taking this role. Few people I have met appear to understand young people as individuals, performers and characters as well as Jon does – it is a genuine talent that he has to be able to transfer his thought processes and observation into writing. Georgia’s Angel is a wonderful story that will speak for itself once completed.”

Georgia, trains and other stuff

We’ll be casting for the title role of Georgia sometime this or next week. I’ve a range of young actresses from StarNow as well as a few contacts through Ceri Ford at Cre8 Drama School, plus one or two others and I think Rob Yeomans and I will be spending a day putting them through auditions. All things permitting I may post some video footage of the auditions up on here in a few weeks.
Rob’s been busy looking for train stations to film in, chasing the length and breadth of the country for somewhere that we can use that’s reasonably quiet and yet easy access. We’ll meet this week to go through budgets and other arrangements as we’re looking at shooting in a couple of weeks time.

Depth of field adaptor

One of the things I mentioned to Rob was about getting hold of a DOF adaptor for use with the Z1  camera I shoot with. This allows us to use different high quality lenses to create a better depth of field and together with some of the camera’s own features a more cinematic look. We hired one of these from a guy in Manchester for The Secret, and the results were fantastic. But rather than hire one again I have been doing a bit of web research and I’m going to have a go at building one. There’s a guy somewhere in deepest, darkest Russia that makes and ships them via eBay but the run down I have keeps it nice and simple. I’ll keep you updated as to how it goes.
NOTE: The M35 Redrock DOF adaptor we used for The Secret costs about £1800 in a bundle with supporting rods and everything. We hired it for £60 a day. My homemade version will costs about £80. I’ll then have to buy the supports for about £100. Quite a saving.
That’s all for now. More later in the week.
– Jon.