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Month: February 2010

A Quick Update

Few quick updates to keep the blog rankings up!

Georgia’s Angel

Well, things progress although we’re feeling a bit of pressure now to get this film sorted and started. Rob’s been in touch with Northern Rail during the week to try and negotiate the use of Mexborough Railway Station platform overnight for filming, however they have declined permission. We are currently looking into other options and there a few rail companies that seem a bit more organised and welcoming in terms of arranging filming on their properties.
We’re hoping to get cast together next week for rehearsals at Sheffield Independent Film. I should be able to post a few more details of the crew later in the week too.

Chief Productions

Tess from Chief rang me yesterday and asked if I was able to support a shoot of theirs again this week in Sheffield. Chief Productions work out of Manchester and were the production team behind the Ricky Gervais NBC promo that I worked on in December. Nice to see them again tomorrow!

Thank Heaven

I filmed the charity talent show for Thank Heaven in Runcorn on Saturday night, after a speedy drive across the Pennines and round Manchester. My initial concern was getting somewhere to stay overnight as the gig didn’t finish until gone ten, but I managed to pick up a place at the Daresbury De Vere Hotel just off junction 12 of the M56. Nice hotel and the lovely receptionist arranged a king-sized bed upgrade for me for nowt! Don’t know whether she was angling for something or not but I kept the wedding ring in plain sight. Mind you, that would’ve made no difference because she’d’ve had to be blind as a bat to be angling for something in the king-sized bed with me!
The gig itself was a quite spectacular affair. A range of artistes performing their own chosen field, from singers to dance troupes to stage show tributes – it really was something quite special. I’ve not begun digitizing the footage yet but I’ll have a look over the weekend and may pop some up on here.
Surprised to see a good few inches of snow had fallen overnight on Saturday and I chased that weather back to Yorkshire over Sunday morning, avoiding the Woodhead Pass route and sticking to the M62, M1 and A1(M).

That Friday Feeling

Goergia is cast!

I’m really pleased to be able to announce that Sophie Platts has been cast as the lead role in my upcoming short film Georgia’s Angel. Sophie is a versatile performer with acting, dancing and singing experience under her belt – quite a lot for a tender sixteen years of age! Having featured in the Yorkshire Young Ballet performance of The Nutcracker in 2006 she won a scholarship to the Northern Ballet Theatre and is currently with ther Yorkshire Young Dancers. She’s featured in a variety of stage performances including classic shows such as Bugsy Malone and Annie. Sophie’s acting experience includes a role in the pilot episode of Switch TV’s The Cut.
Sophie was up against some really tough competition, such that we had to extend our planned audition. She brought a vulnerability and essence to the character that is essential in telling the story and bringing Georgia to life and I’m really pleased to have her in the lead role.
I also want to thank Tavarna Garvey, Kat Mikeljevic, Kirstie Whittimore and Heather Newstead for coming along to audition today as well. Both Rob and I agreed that each girl delivered a performance that was unique and added something to the character that we had not previously seen before. I would single out Heather Newstead for her acting – definitely someone to watch for the future and I hope that we can work together sometime soon.
My appreciation to my producer Rob Yeomans (spelt correctly now, you’ll note!) and also to Wayne Russell who journeyed from Hathersage to be part of the auditions today. And of course to the folks at Sheffield Independent Film.

Thank Heaven!

Off filming in Runcorn tomorrow for the day – a local charity called Thank Heaven are holding their annual talent contest, with guest judges including Gary Barlow’s mother, and they want a DVD producing of the event.  I’ll be using the Z1 as per usual and I think I’m going to try out the Flip Ultra HD for one or two other shots too. The show doesn’t finish until late so I’ll probably stay over. Next update next week, probably mid-week. May put up some storyboards too. Have a good weekend!
STOP PRESS 7.20pm: I’ve just read on the BBC News website that actor and director Lionel Jeffries has passed away.  Very sad to read this, as he was involved is some of the more uplifting British movies of the 1960s and 1970s, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Railway Children. RIP.

Sticky keys and train stations


Well, I had planned to get loads done this week and it’s been a bit of a slow one. Don’t you hate those kinds of days where you just can’t get started? Me too. In January I started using the filter and sort tools in MS Excel in a new and original way to keep myself motivated and focussed during these days in the office, but haven’t done this week. In fact I was going to make a video showing how YOU can use it too. I discovered this technique when a friend of mine demonstrated it on his blog but it really needs a vid to demonstrate it. Maybe that’s something for next week.
Meanwhile here’s a video testmonial I’ve thrown together in an hour this afternoon for
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Busy, busy, busy. That's my excuse anyway.

Busy, busy, busy.

It’s been a while since I updated the blog – been meaning to for over a week now, but I’ve been way-laid with editting (it’s coming Lance, it’s coming!), meeting people, calling people, arranging Georgia’s Angel(more below) and doing a bit of teaching in between. Anyway, here goes…

Actors on board for Georgia’s Angel.

I’m really pleased to be working once more with two fine actors who both Continue reading

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