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Month: January 2010

A new film and a new producer too. But first …


Meant to update this blog last Friday with news from last week and some details of one of the film projects. Unfortunately I’ve not been in too good health lately with a suspected stomach ulcer and this came to a head on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week. Ended up at the Greasborough Road Walk-In on Sunday with a suspected kidney infection. I’m feeling much better now though I can honestly say that I’ve never quite drunk as much water as I have in the past five days.

Rob Yeomans To Join As Producer

Last Thursday I had a really great meeting with Rob Yeomans, a writer, producer Continue reading

A new year and some new beginnings

Blimey. 2010.

Where did that come from? And where did the past decade go? Seems only five minutes since I was turning up for work  in the wife’s car to Maltby Crags Junior School. Life flies by and you miss it if you’re not careful.
This is a year for standing up and march forwards. The new year gives us an opportunity for starting again, and after the calamities of the last eighteen months I thought it was time to re-determine what needs to happen and then take the massive action needed to make it happen.
I was reminded of a video I watched late last year that was posted on Marcus De Maria’s blog. Marcus is an incredibly successful entrepreneur and trader, runs a fantastic course called Wealth Workout that I went on in 2007. The video is about why some people consistently take massive action to drive forwards towards their goals, and others do not. It features Tony Robbins, and two of his students, the successful millionaires Frank Kern and John Reese and is well worth the 30+ minute run time.
You can watch the video here.

Film, film, film.

2010 is going to be the year of short films, in particular, mini-movie projects that are created with the aim of moving onto something a bit more spectacular.
The new edit system I have just bought makes my workflow so much smoother and faster so I can finally crack on with several things I’ve been meaning to get on with for weeks, but which have been held up due to the old “technical difficulties”. I have an experimental short film called TILTSHIFT in the pipeline, which I’m shooting for over the course of the next few weeks and should be done in time for early Spring.
Also, there’s the mini-documentary about Rotherham-born and Manchester-based photographer Lance Burkitt. I covered the two day shoot Lance did in October for his 2010 calendar with the eventual aim of creating a documentary-cum-promotional piece for Lance similar to the “A Day At The Beach” video by Melissa Rodwell. Lance and his missus have been very patient with me while I sort out the technology but I’m pleased to say I’ll be cracking on with that now, and hopefully we’ll have a final film to present to the world early February once Lance has approved it. We might even organise a special screening either here in Yorkshire or over the hills in Manchester. Watch this space.
On the creative film front I have a number of projects on the go. First up, and one I’m working on later today is “Georgia’s Angel”, a story about a runaway girl who meets a strange and kindly old gentleman on a railway station platform. I have a meeting with Rob Yeoman’s tomorrow about possibly collaborating on that, and a meet next week with a locla charity about possibly sponsoring it too.
There are a number of other short film ideas I have on the back burner, including the wonderfully titled “Urban Vampires” but the biggest news I shall keep secret for now. It’s a short film that looks set to be incredible, has scope for development into a feature and could be THE breakthrough I’ve been working towards. There’ll be an announcement here in a few weeks or so…

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